the grass is always greener

The older I get, the more I start to appreciate the journey, versus the destination. Recently I have grown fond of working on the lawn. It is trying, testing, grueling a times in this Texas heat, but rewarding nonetheless. Last weekend I gathered some huge Flintstone type stones from a new housing development and attempted […]

3 Keys To Success

Wifey (aka real wife recognized in a court of law…not ebonic term of endearment) and I were working our business while sharing information we acquired during the day. We usually gather data from multiple sources, then come up with our own strategies. But the consensus is there are there are 3 basic keys to success: […]

Return on Investment (TIME)

I will be the first to admit sometimes I don’t use my time wisely. I tend to get frustrated at life circumstances and knocked off kilter. Some roadblocks and life make me just pump the breaks, and want to just go play with my kids and enjoy life, play around on the net, or just […]