After one year of sex, I want more!

Question: Well after one year of being intimate I expressed this: Here is the exact text I sent him … “After 1year of this with you my emotions are involved AND I want AND deserve more! We have amazing chemistry AND I enjoy our time together, but it sucks when I only hear from you […]

I’m worried my brother may be gone forever

Question: Its more advice for my brother. Last week he had fight with a kid on the school field. He knocked the kid out with one punch and the boy went unconsious. Kids call him a bully, smug, freak, has no friends. He lets it go past him like no one said anything. I know […]

What are the rules for (married) FWB??

Question I entered into a FWB relationship with a guy almost an year back. We both are married. I have never done this before. I don’t know if there are any rules or not. Earlier this guy used to make time for me not just to see me but for coffee, lunch etc. He started […]

I don’t want to break up, but he…

Question I was with my boyfriend for about a year and 8 months. We loved each other so much, or at least I thought. We always had a tendency to break up and get back together over stupid little things. Now we actually broke up, or so it seems, and he will not talk to […]

My marriage is strained and cold!

Question Here goes its confusing but I will do my best. And its not simple, which is why even God seems to be avoiding my calls, or he’s too busy, maybe I’m just not asking correctly, or this is the answer. For a few years my marriage has been strained and cold. I can only […]

My brother won’t stop lying!

Question My brother promised me he would stop hurting himself but he lied and I warned him if he did lie to me again then i was done. What do i do he lied to me then he was going to keep it from me help please     Response Dear Liar Liar Pants on […]

How to handle my parents divorce?

Question ok so i am just a kid and i am 11 years old i hate my parents right now because all they have done for the past year is fight well my mom thinks my dad had sex with another girl and says she has proof (i dont think she does) my mom likes […]

Do I have the Holy Spirit?

Question: Hi, I’m a Christian and do believe in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My question is how do I know I have the Holy Spirit in me when I do not speak in tongues. Is it possible to have the Holy Spirit living in you and yet […]

I hate my life!!

Question: Im on social security disability for depression, low income, im alone no friends.I have a g e d. I hate my life, but thankful to be alive. I need advice bad i have no clue what to do or where to start.   Response: Dear Daniel Downer, I certainly do not want to belittle […]

My dad took my groove back!!

Question: I am a 42 year old divorced and single female. I have recently moved into my father’s home to care for him. He is in his 80’s and needs someone to cook and clean, etc. My son is with me, he is bipolar and just got out of a residential treatment facility for being […]