My brother won’t stop lying!


My brother promised me he would stop hurting himself but he lied and I warned him if he did lie to me again then i was done. What do i do he lied to me then he was going to keep it from me help please




Dear Liar Liar Pants on Fire,

When you state your brother hurts himself, how so? Drugs? Alcohol? Toxic relationships? These situations are usually frustrating because we vest our energy into this person, only for them to relapse back to their previous behavior. It hurts because we love and don’t want to abandon them, however it is mentally, physically and emotionally draining. Unfortunately without having more info, we are unable to provide you with specific direction for your dilemma. We hope that you find some common ground with the relationship with your brother, and that whatever his behavior is he seeks the assistance he needs. If the situation warrants, there may need to be parental involvement and/or professional intervention.


Many blessings to you!

Truth in Love


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