Why Men Won’t Commit??

August 2007 my wife and I had this conversation about men in relationships, and why they don’t commit. She gave me the female perspective and what women think, and of course I told her the truth (lol). In any case, she called my bluff stating I tend to think different from most men, so I created this survey titled “Why men won’t commit.” After a couple weeks and 40+ responses later, let me say to the women out there, the results may surprise you.

Maybe the results were skewed since the statistical scope was limited to a group of men I knew, so here is the deal. Since this was a few years ago, I did some minor cosmetic changes to the survey to make it user friendly. Men visiting this post, just take a second to complete. It is completely anonymous (even if it wasn’t, man up and answer honestly). Women, I implore you to forward to any male you know. Once we get over 100 survey responses then I will post a Part II to this blog and share the results.


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