What’s Your Sign? (11-11-11)

This post was inspired by a movie I was watching with my wife. The gentleman was on a date arranged through a dating service. As the girl approached, she sat down with an eager, yet desperate grin which looked like it could devour any unsuspecting man who gave her a few minutes of attention. You could literally hear her biological clock ticking as she smiled while attempting to gauge her potential mate with a barrage of questions. Within literally 2 minutes of conversation, she asked what his astrological sign was. He responded, then she dove into how their personality characteristics were similar, yet contrasted (how much sense does that make?). Watching this show reminded me of street corner magicians. The art of magic is basically suggestion meant to be entertainment. Using sleight of hand, they visually suggest one thing to deter you from the truth. Horoscopes are no different.

To think that the alignment of planets and stars could tell you about somebody’s character traits is absurd. When we were younger people joked about it as a novelty or conversation piece, but now it has become an obsession that people use to discern potential relationship candidates. Some people believe that horoscopes are a scientific process by utilizing data and calculations, however no one has yet been able to justify this theory. Horoscopes play on human emotions, and are nothing more than carefully chosen words used to evoke the subtle psychological power of suggestion. Understand that as humans, most of our beliefs derive from media, our environment, our culture, our parents, what we read, and various other medium. Oftentimes we are influenced without verification/validation because we are highly responsive to psychological suggestion. This can, however, pollute your way of thinking cloud judgment, thus preventing you from making wise decisions.

On this unique date, which some view as superstitious, I felt this post was appropriate. How I think it’s a pretty neat date to experience, it holds no merit nor will it affect anything in my life…nor yours. Unless you have a child due to be born today or some other life changing event, it has no spiritual significance and doesn’t mean anything in regards to your life, your future mate, or any future decisions YOU make for yourself and your life.

So quick advice to any men/female. If you’re on a date and horoscopes come up in the conversation…RUN. I can pretty much guarantee you that things probably won’t work in your favor if someone has that superstitious muddled mindset. I can also guarantee you compatibility charts based on stars will not tell you if your relationship will work! I say this in love, but stop being lazy. Stop being so anxious and take time to learn somebody and discern their habits, personality traits, likes, dislikes, etc for yourself. That is the joy of courting; learning one another. That is the phase in which memories are birthed that you can reflect back on.

I understand the void felt searching for that right person and the longing for a relationship, but short-term desperation leads to long-time despair. Like exercise, there is no short-cut to relationships. You have to put in the work. Zodiac signs aren’t the answer. My wife and I have been lovingly married close to 15 years and I don’t even know her sign.

Imagine that?



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