10 Reasons Why He Runs (part 2)

Yesterday we discussed 5 of the top 10 reasons why men leave or literally run from women in relationships (click here to read part 1). Here’s the anticipated continuation to our Top 10 Reasons Why He Runs…

5. PHYSIQUE – Shocker. No, it’s not number 1. How you treat a guy (other characteristics on this list) is more important than looks in the LONG RUN. But I’d be lying if I didn’t say how you keep yourself up isn’t important. Every guy likes different things, so there is no way to discern one attribute that will attract every man. I particularly don’t like heavy makeup. Others have preferences ranging from legs, a nice bottom, breast size/shape, to white teeth, fresh breath, and athleticism. Every man is different. Instead of going out there and paying for what you don’t have, accentuate what you do have. Nothing is better than a real, natural woman.

4. INTELLIGENCE – As some females think it is cool to be flighty, no man wants a dumb woman. Intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have a collegiate education, but it does mean don’t be deliberately dumb to get attention. Be wise when you open your mouth and have something of substance to say. Pick up a book, read a newspaper, learn a skill. Be a teacher sometimes. Guys appreciate learning from their woman.

3. ULTIMATUMS – The only ultimatums that are good are life/death situations (drug/alcohol abuse, physical abuse, etc). Otherwise, they are destructive in relationships because you take away the mans ability to make decisions on his own. There is a difference in having standards for yourself and giving an ultimatum. Standards are a list of non-verbal things you will not sacrifice. You don’t want a drinker, or a smoker. You want certain things in life, or want to be treated a certain way. That is perfectly fine to have goals and standards. But once you share them, it is not your place to enforce when (timing) he will make your visions come true. If a man is dragging his feet, it’s because he doesn’t value you, period! Men do not need a woman to tell them what they think, or give an ultimatum. We are not that dumb, believe me. If he can’t figure it out and you force him to, there will always be resentment, and most likely things won’t work. Trust, if a guy can’t make a decision to be with you, he’s probably not the one for you. Life throws a lot of curve-balls, and you want a man who is decisive, not wavering. As the Word says, a double-minded man is unstable in all he does.

2. FEMININITY – This encompasses so much. As much as society leads you to believe everyone can do everything, ultimately we were created for certain roles. The truth of the matter is there are traditional things ALL men like. You’d be hard pressed to find a guy who would say a woman that can cook is a turnoff. Things such as how you carry yourself (around friends, family, co-workers), your elegance, your class, your grace, your ability to nurture, your skill sets; these things keep a guy around. If you don’t possess them, even the pursuit and willingness to try is enough for most men. But if you are rebellious and don’t want to learn some of the attributes and behaviors associated with womanhood, he’ll likely find somebody else who does possess these traits.

1. NO CHALLENGE – I’m sure most females would think it is sex or something physical, but I beg to differ. There is a huge difference between a guy staying around for sex, and a guy who looks at a girl like – she’s a keeper. What makes guys put girls in a different category is the way they are challenged. Challenged mentally meaning conversation is good. Challenged physically meaning being competitive, requiring you to be the man you’re called to be. Challenged spiritually in making you walk closer towards your purpose. Once you (as a female) understand your purpose in challenging, sowing and molding, you’ll find a guy who will never leave.


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