10 Reasons Why He Runs (part 1)

There’s an old saying that men think with their private parts. Therefore, what a man wants has been misconstrued in media and magazines. What a guy wants is not ALL physical. It is important, but it is not what makes a guy stay. I surveyed a few of my friends, along with people we’ve helped over the years, and come up with a Top 10 List Why Men Run, coming FROM A MAN….

10. DIFFERENT VALUES – Sadly this should be higher on the list, but realistically some guys place different weight on different things. Ultimately there is no surer way to make sure a guy will run if you disagree on everything. It is good for opposites to attract, and it is good to challenge the man you are with, but there are some fundamental things you need to agree on before you come to a consensus on others. We’ll discuss that in another post (e.g. religious beliefs, how to raise/discipline children).

9. SELFISH – Nobody wants to be around a selfish person. If you are constantly taking (time, conversation, money, energy) without sowing back into his life, chances are eventually he’ll find someone who is unselfish and give him what he needs. Sit down and watch a game with him sometime and try to enjoy time around him. Be someone he wants to be around, versus someone he tries to run from. Being selfish also has stubborn roots which makes you believe you’re right all the time. Longevity in relationships comes from truth, honesty, and being completely unselfish. Oftentimes that means taking a look within…even when you feel adamant that you’re right. The problem is most people refuse to acknowledge their contribution to the situation, even if someone points it out to them in black and white.

8. AMBITION – No man likes a lazy woman. Men are visual, so guys worst nightmare is settling down with an attractive woman, only for her to morph into a spicy Cheetos eating, Maury guest looking woman who leaves a butt imprint on the couch. It is not strictly about looks, but visually guys associate lazy and lack of ambition with negative images. In general guys are attracted to women who have drive. That keeps us interested. Guys may not speak, but we’re not as dumb as our silence reflects at times. We understand when we are being used (for money, cars, homes, security, children, etc) but many men will foolishly settle in exchange for their needs being met. However for the long run, that doesn’t make a man want to be around you, rather avoid you. No guy wants a girl just along for the ride. Don’t misunderstand, real men LOVE spoiling and taking care of their family, but no guy wants a woman who is along for the ride who won’t help drive, help with directions, offer some good conversation or hell even pack a sandwich. Guys like women with some sort of ambition. Someone that despite their circumstances sets goals for their life, which may or may not necessarily be career oriented. Creativity and ambition is a turn on for guys. When we look for our helpmeet, we discern visionaries.

7. LOUD – No man wants a loud, nagging woman. He will tolerate one temporarily, but doesn’t want one long term. It is hard for guys to communicate as it is, so the last thing he wants is an overbearing, loud woman to talk over him. Further, one that will take the intimate info he shares and use it against him at a later time. Guys need to feel they can trust you with their innermost secrets and that you won’t run back to your girlfriends, mom, or other females and share. He needs to know if he opens up to you, you won’t use it against him later. This makes men shut down, and oftentimes throw their hands up and leave altogether.

6. DESPERATION – Men are hunters. There is no way to make a guy run faster than being desperate. We can sense desperation from across the room. Many guys will exploit this as it appears to be an easy kill, but you’ll never keep a man along for the long haul reeking of desperation. The problem is, you can’t tell any female that she is desperate because she will deny it. That’s like telling a guy he sucks at sex. Certain things we refuse to believe, even if it is apparent to others around us. What I say to that is the proof is in your fruit. If you can trace a particular pattern of men in your life, it may not be the men that’s the problem.


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