Hating 102 – Managing Haters

Dealing with haters can be a very difficult thing. The irony in hating is most people, deep down inside, are mad at you for putting in the work that they were not willing to put in. Whatever that may be, people get mad about something they rarely know anything about. They will see what you have, but seldom would you find anyone who would be willing to go through what you went through to get what you have. Whether that is education, finances, physique or business/personal relationships, they see the end result but have neither idea how you ran the race nor the many obstacles you’ve encountered. There is a reason why race horses wear blinders. Blinders prevent the horse from looking behind them, or looking to the side. In other words, it keeps them focused on their lane. Life is about learning how to stay in your lane, versus paying attention to (and trying to measure yourself by) those next to you.

In order to deal with hating, one must understand exactly why it is done. At its core, hating exists because of the level of the hater’s faith. In other words, haters feel like there is no hope. Haters are saying that God is so miniscule, so limited in His power, that He could only bless ONE person. It’s really foolish when you think about it. Those envious feelings reside because you feel like what that person has you will never have an opportunity to have, otherwise you wouldn’t act out in the manner in which you do.

If you are a hater, shame on you. Really nothing I can say but you need to really assess your life, your level of faith, and fix these troubled areas because you are driving people insane. For those dealing with haters, what can’t kill you makes you stronger. They actually increase your faith whether they know it or not. Show empathy towards them, but don’t let them get close to nor deter you. Learn the art of praying for people, while simultaneously, politely, telling them to kick rocks!

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