Hating 101 – Defining Hating

Hating’ and ‘haters’ are terms I am personally not fond of, but it’s one of those phrases like “my bad” which most likely will never go away. It started as urban slang (don’t hate the player, hate the game), and now has become so popular that it has now crossed all cultural boundaries. Further, it is a behavioral epidemic which continues to grow exponentially. How hating used to just be close associates, it has spread to people you don’t even know, colleagues, cousins, siblings, parents, even spouses.

Sometimes what people think is hating really isn’t. This phrase is popular, therefore some people (attention whores) misconstrue and use it frequently. These are the social network junkies, co-workers, family members, even friends that feel every person in the world is upset about their accomplishments when oftentimes (1) people just don’t like you in general and are upset with your personality/disposition and (2) you probably need psyche evaluation to prescribe mood stabilizing medications like lithium. The reality – the world doesn’t wake up thinking about you ever waking moment, nor is everyone in the world out to get you; a lesson they teach in Narcissism 101 at the local community college. In other words, everybody on the planet is not hating on you just because they don’t respond to your attention ploys. That is not hating. What I am speaking of is that real hating. That disruptive behavior that people exhibit in an attempt to keep you from proceeding towards your goals.

What is hating? Essentially, hating is envy towards another person/situation which usually manifests itself via words or physical actions. Thus a ‘hater’ would be a proponent of this behavior. These people are usually emotionally bankrupt and will attempt to halt the blessings of others by using cruel words in an attempt to affect them. They speak discouraging words into your life in an attempt so slow its pace so they can catch up. The list of things they are jealous of could be anything from your talents and abilities, to your family and relationships. It could also be something physical like your body, height, skin tone, hair, or overall look. No matter what they are jealous of, the one common denominator all haters share – they do disruptive things that make your life journey more difficult!

In the next post, Hating 102, we will discuss dealing with haters.

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