Concerned About My Sister’s Salvation

I am concerned about my sister’s salvation.  I have approached my sister about her relationship with God but she simply dismisses the discussion citing that church is a place where believers are separated from their money.  I don’t believe that she is an atheist; however she has no interest in attending church.  How should I approach this issue?

One of the main issues I read in your question is that you are approaching your sister about her relationship with God and she is in response talking to you about religion and the actions of others. You two are communicating about two totally separate issues.

Her response (possibly to avoid talking about her relationship) is to place the issue outside of herself so that she does not have to focus on the real, vitally important issue which is her individual, personal relationship with God. Instead of focusing on her interest or lack thereof in attending church at all, it may be best to focus on sharing your faith and your own experience of having a personal relationship with God and the positive effects it has had on your life.

From what I gather, your sister is an adult, so concerning her salvation she will have to come to Jesus in faith and believe in him on her own. You simply sharing wisdom with her, though, and what your relationship with God has meant to you may be more helpful than attempting to get her to first attend church. Some people have had very hurtful or painful experiences from attending or joining certain, specific churches. Prayerfully, for the sake of her life and spiritual well-being, she will not let the actions of individual people in the church deter her from having an individual relationship with God.

You can have a significant effect on her life by giving her space, and taking time to pray for her on a regular basis. By you believing, standing strong in your faith, and praying for her she can come to know God for herself. Pray that God will use you to introduce Jesus to her and that your life will be a light and shining example for her to follow. Your changed life, and the wisdom and power with which you live will be a stronger witness and more powerful evidence to her that God is real than any words you could ever say to her.

So be a living example in her life, and pray.  As you pray, be patient, and trust God to move in her life in a way that you may not be able to. He has a way of reaching and speaking to people that is greater and wiser than anything we could ever achieve. You sow the seed (God’s Word) in her, and then let God cause it to grow (see Isaiah 55:11).

Remember that God is concerned about every human being He has created (see II Peter 3:9). He will grant you the wisdom you need to help guide your sister toward Christ by your example, your loving words, and your acts of kindness in her life (see James 1:5).

Living your faith quietly and consistently in your home, work, leisure, and family life will allow her to see God in you and be curious about where your joy, peace, and fulfillment come from. Actions (and a changed life) will always speak louder than words. They are the most effective way to influence a family member. Her life can be greatly impacted and positively influenced simply by how you live your life.

Rely on, trust and place your confidence in God in this situation. Always open your ears to His voice before you open your mouth to speak to others. Pray, be a loving, faith-filled example, and watch God move!

Questions you can ask yourself in order to know how to witness to your sister without being overbearing:

  • How has my relationship with God helped, guided, protected, provided for or enlightened me?
  • Why do I fully trust God?
  • Why do I look to God and His Word for ultimate truth?
  • Where do I look for security and happiness and why?
  • What is the guiding force in my life? Why?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can then share the answers with and be a witness to others. Church attendance (if that is something they are initially adamantly against), while it will be helpful to their lives, can come later as they grow in their relationship with God.

Here are some scriptures that may be helpful to you in wisely handling this situation:
Psalm 55:22
Psalm 145:13
Isaiah 55:11
Matthew 21:22
Matthew 18:14
Mark 11:24
Acts 11:14
Acts 16:31
II Corinthians 1:20
Philippians 4:13
I Thessalonians 5:24
Hebrews 10:23
II Peter 3:9

Scriptures for God’s plan of salvation:
Matthew 10:32
John 1:12
John 3:16-17
John 3:36
John 14:6
Romans 3:23
Romans 5:8
Romans 5:12
Romans 6:23
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Revelation 3:20

One of our other articles, Heart of Stone, may be helpful to you as well. We will pray with and for you in this matter.

Love & blessings to you,



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