Successful Parenting 101

Parenting is one of the most vitally important occupations on the face of the earth. It most definitely takes much energy, work and effort to be successful at it.

To be successful at something, you must understand what your role is and what your goals are before you get started. So let’s first define the role of a parent. A parent is one who exercises the functions of a father or mother.

A father is a male who founds, establishes, and protects something. It is a title of respect which is given for something a man has done or provided. This role done right will result in a man providing what is necessary emotionally, spiritually and economically for his children. The role of a father is a position in which a man will be exalted if he fulfills his duty with love, leadership, and wisdom.

A mother is a female who creates, produces, nurtures, or protects something else. She is one who has authority over her offspring through her maternal relationship with them. She carefully watches over her offspring and household. Once her offspring are nurtured and cared for by her, they will have what they need to win, flourish, and thrive in their own lives.

To be successful at parenting, one must first simply ask, “Am I fulfilling the definition of my role as a parent in the life of my child or children?” Now that we understand the roles of parents, we can now look at several goals of parenting or ways to be successful at it.

10 Ways  you can increase your ability to be successful as a parent:

1.    Take responsibility for the direction and spiritual well-being of your children. You must lead and guide the spiritual life of your household, and teach your children how to make wise decisions and choices (see Proverbs 22:6 and Ephesians 6:4). It is the spiritual life and strength of yourself, your family, and your children that will impact, protect and direct everything else that is birthed out of your household (see Deuteronomy 28:1-14) . Failure to understand the importance of providing guidance in this area can result in dire consequences (see Deuteronomy 28:15-46, Deuteronomy 30:19)

2.    Be decisive about the direction of your household (see Joshua 24:15). If you guide your children in their spiritual life and to love, honor, reverence and respect God, it will in turn cause them to honor, reverence and respect you. Which will in turn positively impact their individual lives and your entire home life (see Exodus 20:12 and Proverbs 22:6). If you want your children to love and respect you, they must learn it from somewhere. You must make what you want to be or happen, a part of your everyday home-life experience. It will not automatically happen without the effort of the parent(s) in their life.

3.    Protect the emotional, spiritual, and physical life of your children at all costs; making sure that no one harms or takes advantage of any member of your family. Not being shielded and protected from circumstances and people in this world by you leaves your children at a disadvantage before they get started and/or accomplish anything in life. It is your responsibility to guide, give wisdom, and protect them from hurt, harm, danger, or trouble.

4.    Look after and provide for the needs of your children (see I Timothy 5:8). Don’t view it as a burden. Your children are an asset to your life and a blessing (see Psalm 127:3-5), love and care for them with that in mind.

5.    Take time to know all about your children. Following the example of our Heavenly Father, God, who knows even the number of hairs on our heads (see Matthew 10:30). Take an interest in their lives, and an interest in what they are interested in. It will greatly impact and enhance your relationship.

6.    Teach them the information, knowledge, wisdom and skills that will be necessary for them to lead successful lives. Give them the tools, skills and information they will need to survive the difficult and successful, the low and the high, periods of life.

7.    Instill discipline with love. You must be the one to teach them right from wrong. The purpose of discipline is to lovingly direct the behavior and conduct of your children while they are young to help them to grow into awesome, kind, high-achieving, well-mannered adults who do not drive others around them insane. It aids them in becoming individuals who positively impact and transform the world around them. It may not always be easy to discipline your children, but it is necessary and what is best for their life and future. Discipline now can prevent overwhelming stress and disaster in the future (see Proverbs 19:18, Proverbs 29:17 and Hebrews 12:11).

8.    You be and do first what you are expecting them to do and become. Are you being a great example? Can they see what they should do and be by observing your life? Do you celebrate their accomplishments when they become successful and do great things?

9.    Treat the other half of your child (the other parent, their father or mother) with respect. If you degrade, put down, or negatively talk about the other half of them, it will ultimately negatively impact the way they view and feel about themselves. Children need all the support and self-confidence they can get. Make sure you are constantly building them up and not tearing them down.

10.    Leave an inheritance. Live your life in a way that will allow you to leave a spiritual, emotional, and financial inheritance to your children (see Proverbs 13:22). When your life comes to an end, you should be able to leave something positive and of value to your children. Your life should still positively impact the world for years following the conclusion of your life journey in the earth.


As you put forth the necessary time and energy to nurture, guide, and raise your children, it will be well worth the investment later. Fulfilling your roles and responsibilities as a parent will lead to your children honoring, respecting and positively recognizing you as their father or mother. It will create a peaceful, loving environment in your home. It will also pave the way for them to lead successful lives. Meaning even if they falter or fail at something, you have given them the wisdom, skills and support necessary to get back up, press forward, and accomplish great things with their lives!

Abundant wisdom and many blessings to you and your children!

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