Experiencing True Love?

Love is not just a feeling, it is a word that requires or births action. When you give into the life of someone and/or they give into your life without needing or desiring to get something back in return (i.e. without an exchange of goods, services, or resources) you are likely experiencing true love.

This type of love birthed out of selfless action(s) can last forever. Why? Because the individuals giving the love were not expecting anything in return and therefore there is no moment of disappointment, following the action(s) birthed out of love, to cause dissension in or destruction of the relationship.

Many people mistake impulsive feelings of passion for love. Then cannot understand why their relationship(s), in which they “loved” someone, did not last. Relationships tend to come to an end easily once those impulsive sexual feelings are gratified. Once one or both of the individuals get what they wanted or desired out of the person they became involved with, then they no longer value that individual enough to keep them in their life or treat them well if they remain together.

It’s like when there is an article of clothing, shoes, a stunning piece of jewelry, the newest technology, an irresistible car, or even a house or piece of property that you just have to have and cannot live without. Then you get it… and the money is spent or the credit card is charged, and your excitement afterward fizzles away. It is the same for relationships built on passion alone. It’s so exciting and exhilarating at first, then the conquest occurs and those feelings of arousal and passion subside. Many are then left wondering, what happened?

What happened was that prior to the sexual, passionate encounter(s) or possible financial transaction(s), numerous people are giving to get . Then they get what they want and don’t have a desire to give anymore. Why? Because their actions before were never birthed out of true love. Their prior actions and behavior were only a payment toward what they wanted to get from the other individual they became involved with. So how do you avoid the pitfall of that type of relationship and know when you are experiencing true love?

To truly love you must let your feelings follow your wise, giving, selfless actions, rather than your actions following your feelings. Real love, true love is giving of oneself and one’s resources without expecting anything in return. Who did you love today?


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