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Create The Life You Want Now: Quarterly Goal Journal, By Marla A. McCarthy

Create the Life You Want Now: Quarterly Goal Journal is like having your very own life coach. It guides you in discovering your own path to success in your personal and professional life. This amazing resource will inspire you to work toward a more balanced life and improved relationships. Through goal setting and life planning, you will gain a stronger understanding of your purpose and a deeper spiritual understanding of your life journey.

This journal includes a how-to guide, creative space to let your imagination run wild, self- assessment questions, self-reflective questions, journaling prompts, goal coaching, daily journal pages, a yearly to-do calendar, contact sheets for your most-valued mentors, pages for additional notes or brainstorming, and a topical scripture index. All of which will undoubtedly have a profound impact on your life.

Utilizing this journal will assist you in exploring possibilities, nourishing your soul, renewing your mind, and restoring your spirit. It will aid you in building a life full of peace, love, joy and prosperity. The content within promotes action and will help keep you in a positive, focused, creative frame of mind to shoot for the stars and realize your dreams!



Enhancing Your Journey: Quarterly Prayer Journal, By Marla A. McCarthy

Prayer journals are designed for you to take your relationship with God to the next level. This positively enhances your life as it makes your goals and dreams more achievable.

Keeping a prayer journal provides a way for you to communicate your worries, cares, concerns, and everything you are feeling to God. It will help you better understand His will for your life, increase in wisdom, and gain greater spiritual understanding of your journey.

The use of a prayer journal is important as it prevents you from forgetting important insights you receive, your multitude of blessings, and important life lessons. It also provides you with a beautiful way to track your life experiences for generations to come. It is the perfect tool to help you kick your prayer life into high gear and ensure that you’ll have a powerful, inspiring record of your life journey.

Enhancing Your Journey: Quarterly Prayer Journal includes space for quarterly goals, self-reflective questions, a 90 day prayer & scripture guide with lined pages for personal writing, a section to document your letters to God, additional notes pages, and a topical scripture index.



Rose From The Basement, By Jerome J. McCarthy

Edith Rose Hughes is a caring, intelligent, charismatic, philanthropist who is well known in her community. She birthed and nurtured a successful cosmetics company from a dream, to a multi-million dollar venture. Headquartered on the outskirts of her small hometown, the accomplished CEO of Rozi Cosmetics feels a void from her troubled past which she masks using a workaholic cloak.

Rose finds herself in an impetuous position as a mentor to Candice – an athletic teenage girl who is at a crossroads in her life. Hurt from family drama and torn because of relationship issues with her boyfriend, Candice contemplates a different path which could alter her purpose.

Rose From The Basement is a novella about the complexities of female relationships with men, women, parents, siblings and co-workers. It is an encouraging, empowering story about making wise choices, recovering from bad decisions, forgiving yourself, knowing your worth and not compromising to fulfill your dreams!



Marriage As Advertised, By Jerome J. McCarthy

Marriage as Advertised is a contemporary story of a young married couple who reached a fork in their relationship. On paper, they are the perfect advertisement for the All-American blue collar family, however the walls of their home tell a different story. From love & certainty, to discouragement and confusion; both have needs in their relationship that are no longer being met as the romantic element has dissipated. When faced with temptation, will filling this temporary void destroy any hope of reconciliation?

This novel is a glimpse into a troubled union, and shows how communication lines between a man and woman can get lost in translation. Journey with this couple as they reach a defining point in their marriage. Relationships will be born, family secrets will be uncovered; temptation will lure them, tragedy will test them. Will April and Jon have what it takes to turn their relationship around, or will they continue to conceal their problems with the pretense – Marriage As Advertised.

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