What is a real man?

This is a very open-ended question with no deadline to respond. When you hear someone say “a real man” what is the first thing that comes to mind? How do you define a real man? What are some traits of good men?

Do you associate a real man with physical strength or someone who gives legendary beat-downs like Chuck Norris? Is a real man someone who is interesting like the Dos Equis man? Do real man drive Ford trucks or root for certain teams? Do real mean wear black? Are real men atheltes or nerds? Do real men read or look at pictures? Are real mean monogamous or do they have a plethora of women? Are real men family oriented? Do real men keep their house in order or do they defer and delegate? Do real men take care of their children or just make them? Do real men live in mom’s basement or do they have their own place? Is a real man defined by his education? Do real men like to get dirty or keep their hands clean? Are they tatted or not? Bald head or long hair?Are real men blue collar or white collar workers?

What is a real man? I implore you to respond.



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