what’s your social dysfunction?

The way we communicate and socialize with each other is constantly being altered by technology. This is a true story…way too stupid for me to make up. My wife’s friend emailed her a while back with a plea for my wife to check her Facebook page, just so my wife could discover that this friend had someone close pass away in their family. What makes it so bad is her Facebook post was shorter in words than the initial email she sent. How much sense does that make? The lure of this recreational activity has become an obsession for many. Have we become that dependent on these social networks that our need for attention voids any common sense? Have we become that obsessed with social network drama and various ways we can present our lifestyles to others? Is it necessary to check fb posts and tweets and statuses while on the elevator, during meetings, lunch or while driving? Do we even recognize when we’re doing it? Begs the question…what is your social dysfunction?

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