A Woman’s Heart

Day 2 of my blog posts via cell phone trials. This is actually my third attempt, and may possibly be my last (since others have complained about this WordPress iPhone app losing posts). Instead of sitting inside of a boring office meeting, today I am outside utilizing one of the ten breaks I intend on using today.

As I sit here listening to the ambient sounds of nature, I begin wondering what type flower this is? Wondering how long it took to mature? Wondering why women allow any man that gives them five seconds of attention the opportunity to de-flower them?

My wife and I often times discuss relationships, and try to discern the “why” behind peoples decisions. What in their past/present influences the bad/good choices they make? Why females (and heck males too) lower their standards and expectations? At the root level, what inside makes you feel the need to settle and compromise for a loser?

One of my Facebook friends posted a quote this morning. I am a fan of statements that make you perform a self-assessment, so I wanted to share. Definitely substance to mediate on.

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.” ~ Max Lucado

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