planning for an open door

I am currently in a meeting with some vendors politely ignoring every word. I have been staring at the door anticipating when I can bolt. Figured I’d do something productive with my time and try to blog (post) via cell phone. Please forgive typos.

I was talking to a friend of mine about preparing for a breakthrough. I shared my testimony about moving my family across the country and all the trials we went through. I explained that despite your circumstances, sometimes you have to use what you have and prepare (mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally) so when the door opens, you’ll be ready. Like it to prepping yourself for a job interview. You go in prepared….anticipating what you don’t see…being optimistic, exercising faith, and believing in a positive outcome. No one goes to an interview trying NOT to obtain favor.

My goal of blogging is to share my life experiences and encourage. I know sometimes it looks like your situation will not change, but you can’t give up. Work with what you have, and prepare for (anticipate) a breakthrough.


“Plans are a bridge to your purpose.” ~ unknown author



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