Steven Seagal understands the key to life

Last night I watched one of my favorite pre-recorded shows on DVR (4th and Long). I like this show because it is about perseverance, getting second chances, and doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. When the show was over I began doing some work on my laptop. My son had the station tuned on some station to watch wrestling, and after it went off  apparently some cheesy action movie came was on that I paid no attention to. I finished my work and laid on the couch to rest for a second, and realized this flick was one of Steven Seagal’s new films.

Immediately I began to laugh. For those who don’t know, Steven Seagal has been making martial arts/action movies since the late 80s. My ex Navy bro-in-law used to be a fan, so when I was younger we’d sit and watch flicks like Above The Law and Out for Justice. We never watched for the plot or acting; merely for the action (e.g. pool balls to the head). Next to Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), Steven Seagal is arguably one of the worst actors in our era.

I sat there in awe as I couldn’t believe he was still doing the same thing. It was apparent this was a direct-to-video movie, but the same premise nonetheless. As I watched him attempt to recreate a Cajun accent (which was absolutely hilarious) I thought to myself – I laugh, but this guy actually has the key to success in life. Steven is not the best at what he does. Acting is not his forte whatsoever, but he is good at martial arts. He basically worked with what he had…what he loved…what he was good at…and created a niche in the market. In essence, Steven Seagal discovered his purpose in life. No matter what people (critics) said to discourage him, he remained persistent and diligent at pursuing his goals…and 21 years from his first movie he still stands.

Discovering your purpose is one of the hardest things to do in life because people (friends, family, co-workers) tend to discourage you. You have to fight through peoples opinions for what you should be doing with your life and do what you feel you have been led to do. Once you discover that purpose, remove all excuses, then be diligent and relentless in the pursuit. No matter what you do in life…whether that be education, exercise, saving money, or rebuilding relationships…consistency brings about results.

Who would have ever thought you could extrapolate revelation from a Steven Seagal flick?

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