flossing could salvage a relationship

My lady was looking pretty sexy sleeping, so I cleaned up anticipating waking her by gently kissing on her neck. I jumped out the shower and thought our conversation the previous day about kissing, sucking lips, fresh breath, etc. If you can’t tell by now, I plan on being pretty transparent today. Quite frankly this next part is embarrassing to admit. I brush my teeth twice as day vigorously, however I must admit that I don’t floss regularly. Today I was giving undivided attention to my oral hygiene and decided to floss after I brushed. I spent several minutes scrubbing my mouth with my specialized toothbrush and gargling with a strong mouthwash (to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay). My breath was so cool one blow could send chills down her spine, but I wasn’t done yet. Even after my bout with brushing and rinsing, using the floss I was able to capture funky stuff trapped between the cracks. Flossing is important because it removes the bacteria that inhibits our mouths. It also has sulfurs that build up that lead to bad breath. As a dentist stated, “You should only floss the teeth you want to keep!” I’ve heard another say brushing without flossing is the equivalent of washing  65% of your body. Floss is relatively inexpensive, so why don’t we do it more often?

How many of us approach life and our walk the same way? We do the things we are supposed to in an attempt to have a clean external appearance, spend countless hours scrubbing to paint this picture that doesn’t exist while internally we don’t allocate the time to focus on that stuff that falls between the cracks that effects our walk. That funky stinky bacteria that could lead to decay in several areas of our lives. That stuff we know is there, whether it be people or bad habits, but continue to avoid and pretend it doesn’t exist. The stuff we could eliminate if we studied, meditated and prayed daily as we should. Daily habits that are inexpensive, yet would allow us to discern peoples intentions and become wiser in the decisions we make.

If you don’t floss and allow plaque to remain, it can harden into tartar (which dentist must remove). It’s the same way with life and relationships. Sometimes we let someone/something stay around us for so long it is hard to sever the tie…even if we know the relationship is slowly rotting us. Just like with our teeth, we should approach life proactively by taking preventative measures to prevent decay. Whether it be a sibling, ex, or friend…floss the fool and throw em to the curb!

And as far as the wife kissing story goes?  I am sure my preventative measures will pay dividends soon, but as of today…right now this moment…it  didn’t happen. I was alerted a diaper needed to be changed on a toddler that smelled like wet ninja turtle, so safe to say the mood was ruined!!


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