“I got mind control over Deebo!”

There was a story on the news last night about the correlation between children watching television, and depression (due to negative influences and advertisement). It made me think about all the negative things we let influence us on a day to day basis as adults. Just take a moment and think about the course of one day all the nonsense on TV, radio, workplace conversations and e-mail that we allow to seep into our brains. When you process all the junk, it makes you realize how we have to monitor what we take in, and who we choose to surround ourselves around. I think many times we keep company in our presence we should have eliminated years ago for various selfish reasons. Whether that be someone who makes you feel important and strokes your ego, someone who gives you whatever you want (sex/money), or someone you think may take you somewhere in life. My general rule of thumb is if someone is not enriching the health of my life (physically and spiritually) then they are just wasting my valuable, precious time. Time is not like AT&T rollover minutes. Once it is gone, we are unable to get back. If someone is not helping you to grow mentally and challenging you in your walk, then anything material they give you (clothes, cars, jobs) is irrelevant. That is not a good enough reason to keep them around.

A few years ago I heard an older gentleman state the best gift you could give a man is to change (transform, challenge) the way he thinks. In Romans 12:2 it tells us to be transformed by the renewal of our minds. The Amplified says to change your ideals and attitude. We’ve heard the old cliché your attitude determines your altitude, but sometimes it is a lot easier said than done. While in the midst of a storm you don’t want to hear that, you want immediate deliverance. I have sessions where I vent and been frustrated with my Father, but when it is all said and done I know that He has my best interest at heart. Sometimes you just need to do what my wife and I call “stiff arm” certain folks and keep them at a distance so you can hear God clearly. Oftentimes we let peoples words and opinions distract, deter and discourage us, and we just need to set aside alone time to mediate and get our heads straight. If you let people, they will attempt to Deebo (bully) you with words because they are miserable in some way, and tearing you down makes them feel better about themselves. There is an X-Men character named Magneto (pictured above) who used to wear a helmet to guard and protect his mind from intrusion. Maybe an extreme example, but you get the gist. We have to slide on a spiritual helmet (to discern motives) and develop thick skin because there are people out there trying to destroy you with their tongue (Psalms 64:3).

I don’t know your situation, but I just wanted to offer words of encouragement. I don’t believe you were led to my blog to read this post for no reason today. I know we all face different trials, and I don’t personally know what you are going through and how that is affecting your life right now. What I do know is you are not in the dark (even though it may seem that way), and you need to know that He is listening to your prayers and this soon will pass. I know it hurts and there are nights you are in so much pain your tear ducts are dried up, but stay strong because your breakthrough is closer than you may think. I come into agreement with you that His will be done in your life and you make it through this tough period of time! Sometimes we can’t see a way out because of the circumstances surrounding our situations, but hold on to your faith. One of my favorite inspirational sentences is – Fear knocked, faith answered, nobody was there! I know things may seem like they will never get better, but in retrospect I can personally attest to His provision and protection.

Be Blessed!



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