touched her soul (without sex)

Digging through the vaults we decided to watch an old DVD last night – The Notebook. In my opinion, one of the, if not the, the best love stories captured on film (in this generation x era). This story was well written, but what really drew me in was the courtship. Yes they kissed a lot, but the main male character (Noah) was more interested in taking their relationship beyond the physical realm. This man reached in and grasped a hold of her soul. I guess I can relate because that’s what I did to my wife. It is hard to explain, but you either see it, get it, or you don’t. He basically saw what others couldn’t within her, touched what others dared not to, ignited her passions that she desperately needed lit. He had her in such a way her body automatically gravitated to him as if they were spiritually connected. That’s how I was with my wife when we were courting. To this day her body (soul) still hungers to be near me because I massaged her heart in a way no other man could. She gravitates to me even in the midst of an argument. My love makes her feel compelled to reach my lips no matter where we are.

I don’t say this to be arrogant, but she is my soul mate and I worked hard and sowed into my wife to reap these benefits. It is really sad because it seems this younger generation has lost the ability to court properly due to various negative influences (peer pressure, male perception, media, etc.). All it is with them is sex sex sex. How they put it down, what they did, blah blah garbage. It is all about temporary gratification. How I feel right now. No one wants to sow seeds and sacrifice for a future relationship. I turned on the radio the other day, and I couldn’t believe how crazy these cats were talking to (and about) women. What struck me even harder was the reality that they are saying it because they can. These women nowadays accept anything these fools are throwing at them. You can have two girls arguing with one another…one telling the other she is just a jumpoff (casual sexual partner) and how she is his #1. Can you not see how foolish that sounds? This fellow has two women, and you are so desperate for a man that you are fighting for a position with a guy who apparently doesn’t value your worth. Saying you are the #1 is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why would you want to be a number in a line with mulitple other women? Putting yourself at risk for heartache, and diseases which would even lead to death. You’d put your life at risk for what again?

Life is too short to be caught up in an unhealthy, unproductive relationship. Value your time. I am not going to go there or I’d be typing all day. Let’s just say one could really learn something from this flick. Noah touched her heart in a way no other man could. Years had passed and she still couldn’t get him out of her system. And here’s a thought…he made her fall in love without having sex with her. I will just end here before I go on a tangent about how sex confuses things, spiritual ties, etc. If you haven’t seen the movie and have some hours to spare, check it out.



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