Your Attitude Is The Aroma Of Your Heart

I am sure you know some people who just have absolute dark hearts. People that are just purely bitter and evil. For some of us it may even be siblings or close relatives. To most people, it is easy to identify those with corrupt hearts right off the bat. But what about those people who hide it? What do you do then? What happens when you are dating, and then later on find out that person is crazy as hell?

There have been so many instances where a male or female makes comments like, “I had no idea they were like that” when a relationship goes sour, but I truly believe once you start to discover the Word for yourself, you begin to develop a discernible spirit. You can see things on people, and discern their true intent. You can see what is truly in someones heart even if they don’t reveal it initially. If we start doing what the Word says, versus what feels good to us at the time, then we would be able to discern people that are crazy, or have dark hearts. The Word is like a password cracker. It allows you to take a glimpse in no matter how complicated the initial encryption is.

Lately, Texas has had this incredible heat wave. Just yesterday it was over 108 degrees, and DOWN to 103 by 10pm. Chemically, heat can affect the smell of items (e.g. perfume, body odor). I think the same happens to people. When the heat is on them, the sediment in their heart comes to the surface, and they speak what is truly inside. Everything dormant usually comes up out of someone when they are put into a pressure situation. I have heard friend say some things that would blow your mind in a fit of rage, and it just makes you sit back and reanalyze your relationship with them. Luke 6:45 says, “…for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart” It goes back to my point about a discernible spirit. I think a lot of times we see things, but truly don’t want to accept them (for various reasons). I was watching this movie about this football coach, and he was trying to teach his football players about character. He made a profound statement when he told his team, “Your attitude is the aroma of your heart.”

I think that is a very powerful statement. Psychology says attitudes derive from judgments, and happen as a result of observational learning in a person’s environment. They also teach that attitude is changed by persuasion. I think often we find ourselves in relationships we know we shouldn’t be in, but we are persuaded to stay for one reason or another. For the women out there in bad relationships, how that man treats you, his attitude towards you, is a reflection of just where his heart is. If he was a jerk, selfish, annoying and verbally abusive towards you before you got married, believe me marrying this man will not make pixy dust sprinkle from the ceiling and him miraculously change. His heart will still be the same. People act like saying “I do” is like walking through a magical fountain which will erase all their previous problems. Married life is not a Disney story. For the men out there who have women who don’t encourage and always try to tear you down and make you to be something God didn’t call you to be, her attitude shows you where her heart is. If you know in your spirit something is not right with this girl, don’t force something to be which you don’t feel in your heart. Don’t get to a point where your personal desires (e.g. a family unit, her affection) outweigh basic common sense and you feel she is the “best option” for you at the time. You are going to do nothing but cause more drama later on down the road, versus just reading the signs now that your spirits don’t agree with one another and parting ways.

My challenge to you is to analyze your attitude. What is truly in your heart? What is the source of anger, or bitterness? What is the cause of your frustration or worry? What happened to your heart that makes you stay in bad relationships? What happened that made you jealous of your siblings/family members and turned you into a negative destructive force? Who has hurt you, and scarred that delicate muscle that God intended us to love with? Proverbs 23:7 states – For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. I know a lot of people who have stone hearts are unhappy with their lives for one reason or another. I am not discounting what storms you have been through (in the past) by any means, but could it possibly be that the anger in your heart (currently) is directing the path of your life?



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