For Him, or To Him??

The other day I was going through a storm. Frustrated, I was praying asking for guidance. In the midst of me whining and complaining about my situation, how tired I was, yada yada, I asked God to speak to me on how I should handle this situation. Fast forward to later that night. I was sitting there about to fall asleep, and went through some shows we pre-recorded on our DVR. Figured I’d go to sleep listening to a sermon. One of the things in this sermon stood out to me. He told the congregation,”Oftentimes we get so caught up in speaking for Him, that we don’t speak to Him.”

That hit me dead on. I write Christian fiction, so I am always trying to find creative ways to minister to people about Christ. I pray frequently, but as of lately no where near as much as I used to. I have become more methodical in my prayer life, than I was a few months back where I had conversation with God throughout the day. I think sometimes circumstances beat us down to the point we lose our diligence. We fight so much, and have those days when we are weary and our will is broken. Situations come upon us that leave us speechless. Like I told my friend a while ago, the enemy wants to silence us. Just think…has something ever happened in your life where you were so mad and frustrated that you couldn’t even pray? I mean, a situation that just caught you completely off guard. Or better yet, something you thought you defeated that resurfaced. You know in your head you should hand it over to God, but at that exact moment, you are hurting too bad to pray or do anything else.

When someone punches you in the stomach in that one special spot, what usually happens? You lose your breath and are unable to speak (and sometimes your mobility is affected). Well, that is how the enemy is. He throws situations at us that hits us in our stomach and causes us to lose our voice and become immobile in our walk of faith. Why? Because he knows how powerful prayer is. Because he knows how powerful spoken Word is. Because he understands just how powerless he is, and the authority our words have over our situations. Because he understands that God’s word can not return void.

So anyways….the next day, like always, God already worked out a way for my situation. I was stressed about something when the provision was already there. I believe that sometimes God allows certain things to happen to position us to receive a word. If I hadn’t went through that situation, would I have listened to that sermon that night? Would I have written this blog?

Are you speaking for Him, or to Him?



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