Return on Investment (TIME)

I will be the first to admit sometimes I don’t use my time wisely. I tend to get frustrated at life circumstances and knocked off kilter. Some roadblocks and life make me just pump the breaks, and want to just go play with my kids and enjoy life, play around on the net, or just […]

Ignorance is the rejection of intelligence

A friend of mine in Cleveland has been debating with a guy in my office about politics. There were some absurd comments from this young kid in my office, so my buddy sent me this email on the side that I want to share with you guys: You really can’t argue with ignorance. I’ve said […]

Your Attitude Is The Aroma Of Your Heart

I am sure you know some people who just have absolute dark hearts. People that are just purely bitter and evil. For some of us it may even be siblings or close relatives. To most people, it is easy to identify those with corrupt hearts right off the bat. But what about those people who […]

Heart Of Stone

I know a lot of people who have been deterred from church due to being hurt. I can personally attest as I grew up (was raised, basically lived) in the church as a youth. When I became a little older, I had some serious issues with the actions of some of my old church members […]

Failure Is Not An Option

I have a 3 year old, and this is the most persistent child of all times. He will continually ask for something even if you say “no” until he gets what he wants. He is the most relentless child of all times. The other day my wife and I were talking about our kids personality […]


This weekend I was in the backyard playing with my kids. I was racing my 4yr old, and I gave him a head start. Well, we raced a few times, then I was feeling besides myself so I challenged the oldest. Our backyard has an incline so we were running uphill (keep that in mind). […]

For Him, or To Him??

The other day I was going through a storm. Frustrated, I was praying asking for guidance. In the midst of me whining and complaining about my situation, how tired I was, yada yada, I asked God to speak to me on how I should handle this situation. Fast forward to later that night. I was […]